Welcome to the Forgotten Realms and Final Fantasy based online roleplaying game of Waterdeep: City of Splendors. This game is all text-based, and allows you to walk around the world of Faerùn fighting monsters and gathering treasure!

This game is multiplayer as well, so by typing "who" once logged in, you can see other players online.

Some features include:

  • Multiplayer adventuring and roleplaying
  • Over 50,000 rooms
  • Player-Killing or Non-Player-Killing toggle
  • Two-tier levelling system
  • Dungeons containing bosses and epic treasure
  • Immortal-run roleplaying quests
  • More!

First Time Playing?

Try making an easy race/class to level, like a human vampire and get the important skills: necroticstrike, feed, kick

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Have Questions?

When you're in the game, you can type "ask Where do I go to kill monsters?" and other players will be able to answer you

If you're really struggling, check out the wiki by clicking here!

Want to play without using a browser?

Download a MUD or Telnet client and connect to waterdeep.org on port 4200!


Click your Start Menu and select "Run..", then type "telnet waterdeep.org 4200" to connect


Hit ⌘+Space, type "Terminal", and then at the prompt, type: "telnet waterdeep.org 4200" to connect


Load up your favorite terminal and then at the prompt, type: "telnet waterdeep.org 4200" to connect


Get Blowtorch and add host "waterdeep.org" and port "4200"


Get MUDRammer and add host "waterdeep.org" and port "4200"